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In the competitive landscape of physical therapy, staying ahead of the curve is not just an advantage, it's a necessity. With clinics vying for a market share, innovative technologies like Virtualis VR can be the game-changer that sets your practice apart. This blog post explores the benefits of adding Virtualis VR to your physical therapy practice.

Objective Data: One of Virtualis's key strengths lies in its ability to provide objective data, empowering physical therapists with valuable insights into their patients' progress and performance.

This data, instrumental in tracking improvements over time, allows therapists to tailor treatment plans based on real-time, data-driven feedback. The shift from subjective to objective data represents a paradigm shift in physical therapy, aligning it more closely with evidence-based practice and enhancing patient care outcomes.

Patient Retention: Virtualis offers an engaging and invaluable tool for physical therapists, especially concerning patient retention. By providing objective data, therapists can visually display a patient's progress, motivating them and reinforcing the value of continued therapy sessions.

Offering this innovative style of therapy prevents appointment cancellations and distinguishes your clinic in the eyes of referring physicians and audiologists, showcasing a unique and innovative approach.

Increased Patient Engagement & Motivation
: Virtualis VR therapy offers an engaging and immersive experience, making rehabilitation more enjoyable and motivating for patients. The use of real-time objective data fosters a sense of achievement and boosts confidence in the therapy process. Customizable treatments tailored to each patient's needs enhance patient involvement, commitment to therapy, and the likelihood of achieving better outcomes.

Frank Assaban, the visionary behind Virtualis, is a licensed physical therapist based in France. Assaban's own battle with motion sickness during his pursuit of scuba diving inspired the creation of Virtualis. Seeking a solution, he turned to virtual reality as an experimental remedy and successfully alleviated his symptoms.

Recognizing the potential of this groundbreaking technology, Assaban decided to extend its benefits to his patients. In 2015, the official founding of Virtualis marked the initiation of a new era in the field of physical therapy.

By embracing virtual reality therapy, physical therapists can position their clinics as pioneers in the field, attracting and retaining patients through innovation, engagement, and delivering exceptional care.

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