Virtualis PhysioVR

Virtualis PhysioVR is an innovative VR tool developed by Health Professionals that addresses the diverse requirements of Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists. It offers a wide range of assessment and rehabilitation modules tailored to various applications, including orthopedic concerns (upper extremities, lower extremities, and spine), sports medicine, concussion, chronic pain management, cognitive improvement, neurological, and balance training. Combine Virtualis PhysioVR with MotionVR or Static VR for a unified treatment approach in functional rehabilitation for orthopedics, lower extremities, proprioception, and sports medicine. 


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PhysioVR includes:

  • The Pack with all the software
  • Complete High-End Hardware Required (PC + Screen + Virtual Reality Mask...)
  • An Intuitive Patient Management Interface (follow-ups, definition of protocols and printing of reports)


  • Easy to use distraction interventions - diversion of attention to increase patient compliance
  • Increased patient motivation through the immersive entertaining dimension and results
  • Worldwide collaboration with recognized Scientists and Clinicians
  • Effective real-time customized adaptation designed around patient progress
  • Pain reduction
  • Easy to install and to use

Complete Equipment Included in the PhysioVR Package:

  • HTC Vive Pro Complete Kit
  • High-end VR PC
  • 22' touch screen
  • Leap Motion + Specific Fixation (for hand tracking)
  • The trolley (H150/L65/P60) (optional)
  • XBOX one wireless controller
  • Steering Wheel Pedal + Bracket Kit (Thustmaster T150 + Wheel Stand Pro V2)
  • Hygienic protection foams
  • 2 Tripods to install the bases
  • 2 trackers + straps: 1 size M and 1 XL