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Experience hassle-free, on-site calibration services for all your audiology and balance equipment.

We Provide Calibration, Preventive Maintenance, and Repairs for:

  • Audiometers
  • Tympanometers
  • Otoscopes
  • Hearing Aid Verification Systems
  • Diagnostic & Rehabilitation Balance Equipment
  • Sound Rooms/Suites
  • Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE) Machines
  • Auditory Evoked Potential (ABR/ASSR) Systems
  • Vision Screeners

With over three decades of experience servicing audiology and balance equipment, you can trust that our factory-trained, expert technicians are the best in the business. Our unparalleled service includes:

  • Local support, ensuring fast response times.
  • Calibration and repair services for most audiology and balance equipment.
  • 30+ offices nationwide with a network of 100+ technicians.
  • Direct access to the latest firmware and software updates.
  • Electronic calibration records and yearly calibration reminders.
  • Adherence to ANSI and manufacturer standards for all calibrations.
  • Yearly calibration of our test equipment, traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).
ISO 9001

Proudly ISO 9001 Certified

ISO 9001 is the world's most recognized standard for Quality Management Systems. This certification demonstrates e3 Diagnostics' commitment to industry best practices and guarantees outstanding customer service that meets your needs.

How Often do Audiometers Need to Be Calibrated?

Audiometers should be calibrated annually, along with all other diagnostic devices. This yearly calibration ensures that the equipment remains accurate and reliable and meets the standards set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for precise hearing level measurements.

Regular instrument calibration is crucial for maintaining the standard of care your patients deserve and ensuring accurate results.


Factors like equipment age, wear and tear, usage frequency, exposure to extreme conditions, and handling can cause diagnostic instruments to become uncalibrated. Worn or aging components such as cables, jacks, and transducers can also affect test accuracy.

During calibration, our e3 Diagnostics technicians meticulously assess your diagnostic instruments and all related components, including transducers, cables, and wire connections. Upon completion, you'll receive a detailed condition report, ensuring your equipment is in optimal working order.
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