Virtualis StaticVR

With Virtualis StaticVR, you can perform not only fast, precise, and reproducible assessments but also rehabilitate balance and vestibular disorders, or functional indications, with VR (or without). Patients can take control of their rehabilitation journey, enhancing motivation and reducing discomfort.

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StaticVR includes:

  • 2 independent force plates with 4 load cells per foot
  • Weight Distribution (right/left and front/rear)
  • Use in Posturography and Lower Limb Rehabilitation, Re-athletisation, Sportsmen and women
  • Immersive rehabilitation programs in virtual reality but also compatible with a video projector or a TV


  • 2 independent force plates with 4 sensors each
  • Weight distribution (right/left and anterior/posterior)
  • Accurate, standardized and reproducible assessments : CTSIBVR (Sensory Organization Test), Limits Of Stability, Unilateral Stance, Weight distribution
  • Immersive rehabilitation modules with VR (or without) : Postural control, Limits Of stability Rehabilitation, Motion Sickness, Lower Extremities, Orthopedics, Proprioception, and sports medicine
  • Dual-task rehabilitation
  • Increased patient motivation through the immersive entertaining dimension and results
  • Accurate monitoring of patient progress
  • Real-time customization of the settings