e3 Diagnostics Adds Virtual Reality Balance Equipment


Virtual reality isn’t just for video-gaming teenagers. The technology is now utilized to assess and rehabilitate patients in real world situations and environments. The activities within VR systems can be prescriptive to the patient’s functional needs, like going grocery shopping at a supermarket, and adjusted in real time in the clinic. VR balance assessment solutions are found by patients to be innovative, fun, engaging, and motivating. They are easy to use for clinicians and patients while providing effective and efficient patient outcomes.

In January 2023, a very exciting acquisition was made by Interacoustics, who purchased a majority share of Virtualis, a leading manufacturer of balance and mobility systems that specializes in virtual reality innovation for rehabilitation. Because e3 Diagnostics is the exclusive distributor of Interacoustics products in the U.S., the acquisition provides exclusive distribution rights of Virtualis products to e3 Diagnostics as well. This fast-growing, innovative company will join an already impressive offering at e3 Diagnostics that includes Interacoustics/MicroMedical.

e3 Diagnostics customers will benefit from access to a larger vestibular and balance portfolio, and the expanded knowledge base of a newly combined team of experts. Virtualis was born in 2015 with a goal to find complementary or new solutions to treat pathologies for more types of patient.

The Virtualis MotionVR is the world’s first 360o smooth-moving dynamic force plate with integrated fully immersive VR. Virtualis systems allow clinicians the ability to assess and rehabilitate almost any patient pathology at any level of impairment on a single, affordable system. 

As the exclusive U.S. distributor for Bertec since 2019, the addition of Virtualis provides e3 Diagnostics customers with access to the most comprehensive offering of clinical balance assessment and training equipment available in the United States.

“We are excited to offer a full suite of virtual reality innovation to meet the needs of our customers who want to serve a wide range of patient populations at any level of impairment,” stated Don Williams, President of e3 Diagnostics. “Virtualis offers a truly cutting-edge differentiating innovation, and a VR solution for almost any clinic.”

Clinics who may benefit from VR equipment include Physical Therapy, Universities (PT, OT, Au.D., ATC programs), Functional Neurology, ENT & Audiology, Neuro-Optometry, and Government entities like the VA and DOD.

More information about virtual reality equipment will be available soon. If you’d like to schedule an online demo with an e3 Diagnostics balance specialist, please contact us HERE so your team can learn more about this compelling, immersive VR technology to treat your patients.


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