Five Industrial Audiometers for Occupational Health

Five Industrial Audiometers for Occupational Health


Are you looking to upgrade your industrial audiometry equipment? e3 Diagnostics has a selection of audiometers for occupational health professionals available from the world’s leading manufacturers. Here are Four worth checking out:

Tremetrics RA660



The gold standard in industrial audiometry, the Tremetrics RA660 lets you test up to eight people simultaneously. This feature alone can save your hearing conservation program considerable time and money. It’s equipped with a built-in, space-saving Bio-Acoustic Simulator to simplify the system’s functionality, and it only requires only one cable to connect to the sound booth. Included is a wall mount that neatly and conveniently holds the audiometer, patient response switch, and headset to save space. Most impressively, an optional integrated, real-time octave band monitor constantly analyzes the ambient conditions of your testing environment to ensure that you are always in compliance with OSHA and ANSI standards.

Audiometrics Corp Earscan® 3 Automatic



The Earscan® 3 Automatic is a portable, handheld (less than 10 oz) audiometer designed for occupational health professionals. It’s fully programmable, allowing you to customize test procedures – from intensity step size to frequencies selected (125 to 8000Hz) and the order in which they are utilized – to suit your needs. The Earscan3 Automatic can accommodate a standard headset as well as optional insert earphones. Remote control functionality is available through compatible PC software (sold separately). Your test data can be stored on SD memory cards, so storage capacity is limitless.

Smart Diagnostic Devices Smart Tone

An automatic audiometer that leverages the latest technology to deliver quick and accurate audiograms, the SMART TONE from Smart Diagnostics Devices makes hearing testing easy. Because of its intuitive touchscreen interface, the training requirement is minimal. The operator can easily navigate to where they need to go with clear, easy-to-interpret icons. For safe and convenient storage of records, SMART TONE integrates with SmartMove Cloud, a cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant database that saves up to 300 audiograms. It’s 8”x11”x3” design takes up minimal space, and it only weighs 5 lbs with the headset and response switch, making it easy to transport if needed. Lastly, SMART TONE automatically calculates Standard Theshold Shifts (STS), allowing you quickly and more accurately see who has STS to help you meet OSHA requirements.

Interacoustics AD629



This true hybrid audiometer can function as a standalone unit or when connected to a PC. The Interacoustics AD629 is built for the future, meaning it can be upgraded to accommodate your hearing testing needs in years to come. With Electronic Medical Record (EMR) integration, multiple data/patient storage features, and flexible reporting tools compatible with other database programs like NOAH and OtoAccess™, this compact audiometer (14” x 11”) stores up to 500 patients/50,000 test sessions and can be used in your office or on the go.

Tremetrics RA300 and RA300 Plus



These digital screening audiometers feature automatic, semi-automatic, and manual test modes, allowing you to complete hearing screenings in as little as three minutes. They also perform automatic daily biological checks with OSCAR. The RA300 is designed for use in industrial settings, meeting all OSHA and ANSI requirements. It’s intuitive design calls for minimal training to operate a broad range of screening programs. The RA300 Plus offers several additional features, including internal memory that holds up to 64 tests and built-in talk-over capability. And, when used with Tremetrics software packages, the RA300 Plus audiometer becomes a fully PC-based solution. It is also multimedia-ready and features interactive, computer-voice-instructed testing (patented).

For more information about these audiometers or any additional equipment you need for your industrial hearing conservation program, contact your local e3 Diagnostics representative or call 800-323-4371. If you already know what you want, request a quote today!


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