The SMART TONE Automatic Audiometer uses the latest technology to deliver quick and accurate audiograms via an extremely easy-touch touchscreen with an intuitive icon interface. Gone are the days of “cheat sheets” and having to memorize multiple key functions—now you can simply sit down and use it!

The SMART TONE is a new type of audiometer. It takes the place of old audiometers with small displays and function keys that take months of use to memorize. Included are all the features you’d expect: automatic testing, storage, printing, transfer, and a built-in talk-over microphone. Even better, SMART TONE costs no more than the competition.



SMART TONE Demonstration

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Compliance: SMART TONE Automatic Audiometer: ANSI S3.6 and OSHA 1910.95, SmartMove Cloud: HIPAA

Dimensions: 8" x 11" x 3"

Weight: 5 lbs. with headset and response switch

Case Material: Composite aluminum / ABS (Color: PC Bone)

Display: 5.7 inch full-color TFT with touchscreen, LED backlight, adjustable brightness

Storage Temp. Range: 14 – 122° F (-10 – 50° C)

Operating Temp. Range: 41 – 104° F (5 – 40° C)

Operating Humidity: Less than 80%, non-condensing

Test Frequencies: 500, 1k, 2k, 3k, 4k, 6k, 8kHz

Stimulus: Continuous (1 second) or Pulsed (200ms pulse, 2.5 pulses/second)

Output Level: 0 – 95 dBHL ± 3dB, 5dB step

Output Rise/Fall Time: Not greater than 50msec, nor less than 20msec, 30msec typ.

Distortion: Less than 3% at full output

Output On/Off Ratio: Greater than 60dB, 95dB typ.

Transducer: Telephonics TDH39 10-ohm earphones with MX41/AAR cushions

Power Requirements: 100-240 VAC, 23 Watts max.

Warranty: One year. Extended Warranty Available