With the ability to test as many as eight people simultaneously, the RA660 will save your hearing conservation program time and money. This innovative audiometer also features a built-in Bio-Acoustic Simulator, which saves space, and will simplify the functionality of the system. With Tremetrics HearCon Software your hearing conservation program will be up and running quickly and easily.

The Tremetrics RA660 also features an optional integrated real time octave band monitor to constantly analyze the ambient conditions in your environment. This ensures full compliance by both OSHA and ANSI standards. The included wall mount and single ethernet wire system facilitates a clean and simple installation.

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Test Frequencies: 250, 500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000, 4000
Frequency Accuracy: Better than 1%, crystal controlled
Distortion: Better than 1%, crystal controlled
HL Attenuator: -10 to 100 dB in 5 dB steps
HL Accuracy: ±1 dB
Rise/Fall Time: Meets ANSI specifications


  • Fully integrated Bio-Acoustic Simulator
  • Quickly test up to eight people simultaneously using our easy and intuitive Tremetrics HearCon Software Package
  • Wall mount included, which conveniently houses the audiometer, patient response switch, and headset
  • Simplified installation, with only one cable into the sound booth
  • Lightweight and portable, weighing only 1 pound
  • Optional real time OSHA and ANSI compliant octave band monitor


Power Supply: Power supplied by Interface Module
Number of Frequencies: 9
PC Interface: Interface Module
Patient response switch: yes