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The Future of Rehabilitation

Virtual Reality for Rehabilitation

Virtualis is an innovative VR system for functional rehabilitation and assessment. Its real-time customization, powered by objective data, empowers therapists to deliver personalized treatment plans that keep patients engaged and motivated.

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“It’s going to change the way that we do physical therapy.”

Dawn Sexton, Physical therapists & Owner of Fyzical Therapy, Prattville, Alabama

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Virtualis Experience: Complimentary Demo & Trial

Experience the benefits of virtual reality assessment and rehabilitation with our complimentary one-week Virtualis trial. Includes a VR goggle demonstration and a full walkthrough by our experts to ensure your confidence and comfort with the Virtualis system.

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Virtualis Review: Tallgrass Balance, Hearing & Physical Therapy

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Why Choose Virtualis?

Use real-time objective data for personalized treatment and better outcomes.
Clinician-designed to assess and treat diverse conditions: neurologic, orthopedic, concussion, vestibular/balance, chronic pain, cognitive, and other movement disorders.
Headset VR brings real-life situations to the clinic, improving carryover to activities of daily living.
Keep patients motivated by using engaging fully immersive head mounted VR technology.
With over 120 customizable treatment modules, adjustments can be made in real-time as patients show challenges or progress, all within the virtual environment.
Virtualis’ solutions are multi-disciplinary and can be used for Physical, Occupational, Speech Therapy, and Functional Neurology.

“I highly recommend it to any of our functional neurology colleagues. We've seen great results and I really think that it can be utilized in a clinical neuroscience and functional neurology clinic to help take patients to the next level and improve their function.”

Dr. Jeremy Schmoe, Founder & Director of The Functional Neurology Center

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Virtualis solutions are the only systems on the market offering a comprehensive library of standardized impairment and functional assessment protocols for balance and mobility disorders.

MotionVR the World's First 360° CDP & Motion Simulator

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Transform the way you approach rehabilitation and assessment with Virtualis. Empower your patients, enhance your practice, and achieve better outcomes.

The Future of Balance & Vestibular Rehabilitation in Virtual Reality

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