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Enhanced Hearing Screening with MAICO easyTone Update


MAICO Diagnostics is launching a free update for their state-of-the-art easyTone Tablet Audiometer, based on user feedback.

The MAICO easyTone is a tablet-based portable audiometer enabling faster hearing screening compared to conventional audiometers. The easyTone displays clear pass/refer results, offers a testing range of 125 to 8000 hertz, and a guided screening protocol.

With this latest update, the easyTone Tablet Audiometer aims to further enhance the workflow of hearing screeners. Here are the essential features you need to know.

With the easyTone update, MAICO has expanded the test battery to include a broader range of hearing screening methods. Along with its rapid sweep screen method, easyTone now offers pure tone audiometry.

The new audiometry protocol allows the hearing screener to adjust the stimulus level before presenting the tone to determine hearing thresholds. Selecting which method to use and transitioning from hearing screening to audiometry is quick and easy. This seamless transition between protocols allows the hearing screener to retest specific frequencies and manage the two tests together.

Like before, hearing screening results continue to be easy to understand. The easyTone displays a pass or refer result even for the new pure tone audiometry test protocol.

The easyTone update also includes export enhancements. Now, when exporting results to the easyTone Companion software, the system stores reports as pass, refer, or could not test. This helps the hearing screener to quickly find and send reports for follow-up. Detailed result information is also available in the Excel document allowing seamless electronic record uploads.

Follow the steps below to update the easyTone Companion app and the easyTone Companion software.

easytone update step by step


MAICO's commitment to meeting customer needs is evident in the continuous development of the easyTone. This latest version provides screeners with the ability to conduct hearing screenings and pure tone audiometry efficiently.

Are you interested in learning more about the MAICO easyTone? Please visit our product page here.

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