Speed up your workflow with our new pure tone easyTone headphone audiometer. Its intuitive tablet interface and trouble-free handling enables hearing screening significantly faster than with conventional audiometers. With easyTone - you can't go wrong: it shows clear pass/refer results that do not need any further interpretation. Highly customizable and easy-to-use in the whole screening process and after - easyTone is tailored to the way you screen.


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easyTone Specifications

Test Signals: Pure tone and warble tone (pulsed and continuous)
Test Frequencies: 125, 250, 500, 750, 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000, 4000, 6000, 8000 Hz
Level Steps: 5 dB
Hearing Level Range AC: -10 dB HL to 100 dB HL
Language: English, Spanish
Dimensions: W x D x H: 7.5" x 3.6" x 5.3"
Weight: 0.85 Ibs
Power Supply: via USB
Output: USB-C
Input: Patient response switch
Noise Monitor: Built-in microphone

Tablet Specifications

Resolution: 1280 x 800 pixel
Screen Size: 10"
Operating System: Android
Version: 10
Input: USB-C


Standard Components

• AC headphone (easyTone)
• Android™ tablet
• Carrying case
• easyTone app
• easyTone companion software
• Power supply
• Tablet case

Optional Accessories

• Patient response switch


  • State of the art tablet audiometer
  • Air conduction from 125 Hz to 8000 Hz
  • Overall pass/refer result
  • Optimized screening workflow
  • Protocol wizard for easy setup
  • Direct printout of results or share to e-mail
  • Companion software for screening list management
  • Circumaural headphone for improved attenuation
  • Room noise monitoring
  • ANSI Type 4 audiometer in headphone