Audible Contrast Threshold (ACT™)

The ACT diagnostic test enhances your client’s hearing
experience and helps them to conquer noisy environments.

Changing the world of hearing aid fitting

ACT™ addresses the #1 issue for people with hearing loss: understanding speech in noise. With ACT™, you can measure the quality of hearing and not just the level, helping you customize hearing aid fittings with confidence.

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    Fast & Easy

    ACT™ only takes an average of 2 minutes to perform and it doesn’t require special training.

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    ACT™ allows you to achieve optimal results regardless of your client’s native language.

  • personalized fitting

    Personalized Fitting

    Utilize ACT™ results to support the fitting of advanced adaptive features in hearing aids.

Why add ACT™ to your existing hearing test process

Despite 86% of hearing aid users facing difficulties in noisy environments, the pure tone audiogram fails to assess an individual's capacity to hear in noise. Consequently, it does not address the primary concern for most hearing aid users.

Although other speech-in-noise tests exist, none automatically incorporates client results into hearing aid prescriptions, and no test informs hearing aid fitting based on individual speech-in-noise ability using evidence-based methods.

In contrast, ACT™ addresses your patients’ concerns by assessing hearing quality in noise and prescribing the appropriate level of assistance from the hearing aid in noisy environments.

Interacoustics research university

ACT™: Grounded in Research Excellence

“ACT™, developed by the Interacoustics Research Unit (IRU), is an evidence-based test. It draws upon years of research conducted in collaboration with top scientists and universities worldwide.”

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