Callisto Laptop

The Callisto audiometer redefines portability, bringing audiometry, real ear measurement and visible speech mapping to the patient.

When combined with the AC440 software module, the Interacoustics Calisto functions as an audiometer that performs air and bone conduction, and speech testing. Best of all, instead of buying a new instrument, you simply upgrade the software!


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Portable Fitting of Hearing Aids

Inspired by advanced Audiometry, Real-Ear Measurement & Hearing Instrument Testing systems, but wrapped in a small package.

CallistoTM offers the same intuitive user interface as our Affinity 2.0 and Equinox 2.0 software suites making it ideal as a second device in the clinic.

Combines advanced testing and counseling

Tailored customizable test routines

Merge Video Otoscopy into the suite

Ideal for travelling and in-home visits

Small footprint and lightweight (565g.)

Powered via USB

Leave CallistoTM in the bag while testing

Optional dedicated carrying bag on wheels

Optional dedicated test box - TBS10