MedRx A2D+

MedRx AVANT A2D+ Audiometer

The AVANT A2D+ Audiometer is a compact PC-based, dual-channel audiometer providing air, bone and speech testing capability.

This cutting-edge MedRx audiometer is lightweight, and can hook up to a laptop computer for portability and easily configurability.

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Standards: ANSI S3.6-2010,Type 2 AE (IEC 60645-1&2) Tone Audiometry, Speech Audiometry

Channels: Two

Outputs: Insert Earphones or TDH 39 Headphones (DD45). B71 Bone Conductor, Free Field - Line Level Output

Tone Stimuli: Pure Tone, Warble Tone, Continuous Or Pulsed. Warble Modulation Frequency And Pulse Period Are User Adjustable

Masking Signals: Tone Audiometry: Narrow Band Noise (Default), Speech Weighted Noise, White Noise. Speech Audiometry: Speech Weighted Noise (Default), White Noise, External Recorded (Opposite Channel)

Frequency Range USB Power Only: Air: 125 Hz - 8000 Hz, Bone: 250 Hz - 8000 Hz, Sound Field: 125 Hz - 8000 Hz (Line Level)

Acoustic Distortion: < 1.0% At 500 Hz, 100dB SPL

Noise Floor: < -10dB HL From 125 Hz-8000 Hz

Attenuation: 1dB Or 5dB Steps, User Selectable

Minimum / Maximum Output: -10 dB To 120 dB HL At 1 KHz – Air (¼ Inch Mono Jacks), -10 dB To 75 dB HL At 1 KHz – Bone (¼ Inch Mono Jack)

Free Field Output: Frequency Range 125 Hz - 8000 Hz, Dynamic Range 60-90+ dB SPL At 1 Meter Distance, (Using 50 Watt Stereo Amplifier With 89 dB Sensitivity Speakers)

Speech Input: Microphone (3.5 mm Stereo Jacks)

I/O Jacks - 3.5mm: Operator Headphones (Output), Operator Talk Forward Microphone, Patient Talk Back Microphone, Free Field (Line Out)

I/O Jacks – 1/4”: Left Air Conduction (2) - Right Air Conduction (2) - Bone Conduction - Patient Response Switch

Communication Port: USB (Provides All Device Power)

Power Requirements: USB Power +5 Volts DC, Less Than 500mA

Dimensions: Approx 6.5” x 5” x 1.25” (L x W x H), Approx. 16.51 cm x 12.7 cm x 3.2 cm (L x W x H)

Weight: < 1 lb, < 500 g