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We offer audiometers of all sizes and functionalities – from desktop audiometers that perform air, bone, and speech measurements to portable audiometers for on-the-go audiologists. Take a look at our wide variety of audiometers for sale and find the right one for you today!



The MedRx AWRC is a complete dual-channel audiometer and high-frequency wireless REM/LSM system combined for convenient, space-saving testing and fitting. The 2-in-1 device is optimized for mobile testing or to reduce your equipment’s desktop footprint. With a high-frequency audiometer option available, you can ensure you’re choosing features that align best with your practice’s needs. The MedRx AWRC allows you freedom and flexibility to operate at your most efficient. Contact your local MedRx Sales team to upgrade to high-frequency audiometry at any time.

MedRx’s modern REM and LSM software modules allow clinicians to fit hearing aids more accurately than ever, improving patient satisfaction and reducing hearing aid returns. Powered only by the USB on your computer, the AWRC comes standard with a high-frequency fitting capability that allows clinicians to fit up to 12,500 Hz. The AWRC also uses two wireless Bluetooth probe microphones that connect to your REM system automatically for each fitting session.



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  • Complete Air, Bone, Speech and Masking Audiometry
  • Tinnometer Software Compatible
  • Built-in Special Tests, Word Lists, and Auto-Scoring
  • Audiometry Testing up to 20,000 Hz with High-Frequency Option
  • Wireless, Binaural Live Speech Mapping and Real Ear Measurements
  • REM Autofit Capable
  • 3rd Party Counseling and Demonstration with Hearing Loss Simulator and Master Hearing Aid
  • PC-Powered with USB-C Connection and Set-up
  • Portable and Compact at Only 20cm x 12cm x 3 cm (L x W x H)
  • Noah, TIMS, Blueprint OMS, Sycle and OtoAccess 2 compatible


Real Ear Measurement: Meets Or Exceeds All Tests Required In The ANSI S3.46 Methods Of Measurement Of Real-Ear Performance Characteristics Of Hearing Aids, Along With The Requirements Of IEC 61669

Probe Microphones (L/R): Dual Electret Microphone Elements

Probe Microphone Tube: Silicone 1.0 mm Nominal Diameter

Measurement Range: 40-120 ± 3 dB SPL

Measured Frequency Range: 125-12500 Hz

Test Stimuli: Broadband Noise And Synthesized Random Noise – Pink, White, Byrne LTASS And ANSI Weighted; ICRA; ISTS Microphone, File, CD-ROM For Live Speech Mapping, Chirp

Test Stimulus Levels At 1m: 40-90 dB SPL In 1 dB Steps – 200 Hz Through 12500 Hz (Depending On Speaker Wattage And Efficiency)

Test Stimulus Accuracy: ± 3dB SPL

Equalization: Pressure Method

Analysis Mode: User Selectable 1/3, 1/6, 1/9, 1/12, 1/24, 1/48 Octave Bands

ANSI S3.46 Test Available IEC 61669: Real Ear Unaided Response, Real Ear Unaided Gain, Real Ear Insertion Gain, Real Ear Occluded Response, Real Ear Occluded Gain, Real Ear Aided Response, Real Ear Aided Gain

Other Tests Available: Live Speech Mapping With Peaks And LTAS Analysis; Real Ear To Coupler Difference, Occlusion Effect, Percentile Analysis

Prescription Methods: NAL-RP, 1/3 Gain, 1/2 Gain, Berger, Pogo 1, Pogo 2, FIG6, DSL m[I/O], NAL-NL1, NAL-NL2

Probe Monitoring: Available With Operator Headset