SHOEBOX Audiometry: Things to Consider


When contemplating Shoebox audiometry, it's crucial to assess both the long-term costs and alternative device options. In this blog, we analyze the long-term costs of the Shoebox audiometry system and explore alternative audiology equipment choices.

Shoebox tablet audiometer

While the initial cost of a SHOEBOX subscription may seem cost-effective at the outset, the long-term financial strain of recurring subscription fees can become a major concern.

Many alternative audiometric solutions offer comparable functionality at a lower cost over time, making them more appealing. Let’s look at an example, comparing the features and cost of the SHOEBOX and the Tremetrics RA660 industrial audiometer.


Comparing Costs: Tremetics RA660 with Room Monitor vs. SHOEBOX Over 5 Years

Chart showing the difference in cost over RA660 and Shoebox

**Please note that this is an example for the purpose of this article ONLY and is not an official quotation.
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* Includes yearly calibration cost

Several industrial audiometers offer cost-effective alternatives to the Shoebox. In the following section, we will provide an overview of the key features of each.

Benson CCA100 mini

The CCA-100mini is recommended for single-site testing due to its affordability and productivity enhancements. It offers data storage (300-audiogram memory), integrates with hearing conservation databases, and provides user-friendly features, making it ideal for industrial hearing conservation testing with simplicity, efficiency, and OSHA compliance.

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Benson CCA100 mini

The CCA-200mini boasts advanced capabilities, including the ability to store an unlimited number of subjects and their corresponding audiograms. It also allows users to configure test parameters, enabling faster and more customized testing procedures to meet specific needs.

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Tremetrics RA360 Oscar

The TREMETRIC RA360 is designed for easy and compliant OSHA hearing screening. It features a real-time ambient noise monitor, a user-friendly display, and compact design for portability. With 500 audiogram storage, fast printing, and PC connectivity, it's highly versatile and, when used with Oscar 360, ensures quick and accurate daily biological tests.

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The TREMETRICS RA660 offers efficient hearing testing for up to eight people simultaneously, equipped with AC headsets and a response switch. Its HearCon Software provides intuitive testing options with customizable settings, including voice instructions in multiple languages. Additionally, it features a Bio-Acoustic Simulator for calibration and an optional room monitor for ambient noise analysis, making it a versatile solution for hearing conservation programs.

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Before buying an occupational health audiometer, it's crucial to conduct comprehensive research and consider the long-term cost and viable alternatives. We acknowledge that research can be time-consuming, which is why our occupational health specialists are available to assist you. To illustrate how our experts can help, here's an example from Stephanie Billings, an occupational health specialist at e3 East.

Get in touch with us to make sure you obtain a device that fulfills your requirements, delivers precision and dependability, and brings advantages to both you and your business.

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