Quick Fixes to Get the Most out of your Audiometer


Maintaining your audiology equipment is a necessity, which is why we at e3 recommend that you inspect your audiometer on a regular basis to ensure its running at peak performance. Here are a few things you can do to save money and extend the life of your audiometer.

The easiest place to start is with the headset. Think about the way your own headphones fit, and use that as your guide.  The headband tension needs to be snug on the user’s ears. If the headband slips forward or back, and does not stay securely over the ears, it should be replaced to ensure accurate test results.

Next, check the headset cushions. Your headset cushions should always be clean and free of cracks or defects. The more you use them, the more likely it is they’ll need replacing, so it’s wise to keep some extras on hand. For some, it may be more economical to purchase disposable covers. These can be purchased in large quantities and most are hypoallergenic. No need to worry about sound quality either, disposable covers do not interfere with reception.

Cords can also go bad over time. Before plugging the headset in, run your fingers along the cord to check for kinks or fraying. Then, listen with your headset on, to ensure that reception is uninterrupted and clear. Most headset cords are fairly inexpensive, and easy to replace. When not in use, keep your cords neatly wrapped to prevent crimping and tangling.

Don’t forget to check your jacks! They can be a source of poor reception and affect the performance of your audiometer when dirty. Simply spray a contact cleaner on a cloth or use a disposable alcohol wipe and gently clean each jack every few months.

Finally, be sure your probe tubes are clean and clear of any debris. If they’re not, you can easily swap them out with new ones. And of course, replace the probe tips for every user by sliding them on and off the end of the tubes.

These fast and simple fixes can extend the life of your audiometer and help ensure more accurate testing. We suggest you do a quick check of all these items on a regular basis to help prevent bigger issues from developing.  If you need help finding the right parts for your equipment, just call your representative for assistance.