7 Tips for Proper Care & Maintenance of Your Audiology Equipment


As audiology professionals, we know the importance of proper maintenance and care of equipment. Proper upkeep will preserve your equipment for many years. This includes having certified technicians calibrate and perform routine and preventative maintenance. Here is a list of things that can be done to care for and maintain your equipment between calibrations.

1. Regularly clean your audiometer

The earphone cushions and patient hand switch should be cleaned after each patient. Avoid getting moisture in the speaker portion of the headset as moisture will cause damage to the transducer. Make sure the rubber cushion is dried before placing it back on the transducer.

2. Daily function testing

Make sure everything is operating properly and there is no static or intermittent operation.

3. Troubleshoot intermittent operation of the headset or insert phones

Set the audiometer to 1000 hz at 70db tone on. Put the headset on and listen to the tone while moving the cord. If there is intermittent static, check the screws on the phone to determine if they need to be tightened or if the headset or insert phone cables are defective.

4. Check for static in the headset

Static in the headset can be caused by oxidation of the audiometer or sound room jacks. If static is present, clean the jacks with contact cleaner or isopropyl alcohol.


5. Keep cords from getting tangled

Hang cords off the ground. When storing the headset in a case, allow the cord to set loosely in the storage area. Do not wrap cords tightly with rubber bands.


6. Replace probe tubing or insert phone tubing

When tubing is discolored, cracked or there is any debris in the tube, it is time to replace the tubing. Never cut or use vinyl tubing with an ABR unit; always use silicone tubes.


7. Never move a headset from one audiometer to another

Moving headsets will require the unit to be recalibrated.

Performing these simple maintenance tasks, along with annual calibrations from certified professionals, will help keep your equipment running properly. Well maintained audiology equipment is essential to achieve accurate testing results. Call your e3 representative to schedule your annual calibration.