New Mid-Term Upgrade for Audioscan Verifit 2


Audioscan has recently released a new “mid-term” upgrade for the Verifit 2. Featuring a new accessory box, test box handles, the ability to dim the brightness of the screen, and much more, this suite of new hardware and software features improves upon the most advanced hearing aid verification system on the market.

New Hardware Features




Reference Mic


Easier positioning, reduces bounce-back, saves time

Test Box Handles

Handle holds built into bottom of test box

Easier to lift and move test box

Vibration Isolation

Floating suspension feet and coupler magnetic crossbar

Reduce vibrational coupling into the test box

Accessories organizer

Long-term storage container

User convenience for storing test box accessories

Dimmable Screen

Adjustable Screen Brightness

Optimize screen visibility for different lighting conditions and customer preferences

Extended headset dynamic range

Added 12 dB dynamic range

Easier monitoring and troubleshooting of lower gain hearing instruments


New Software Features




Quick show SII Graph

Clickable SII Graph on Audibars

Improved ease-of-use for patient counseling

Ambient Noise Check

SLM monitor of ambient noise for REM

Verification confidence in noisy environments

Assess impact of environment on REM accuracy

Dimmable Screen

Software control to adjust screen brightness

Optimize screen visibility for different clinic lighting conditions and customer preferences


To learn more about these exciting new features, get in touch with your local e3 office today!

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