Simplifying with the Interacoustics Eclipse EP25


Listen up! Natus/Otometrics has officially announced the discontinuation of its Bio-logic® Navigator® PRO clinical diagnostic evoked potential system. This means if you own this device, parts are going to be much harder to find in the event it goes kaput.

Here is a bit of better news: Through December 31, 2018, your local e3 Diagnostics office will let you trade in your Navigator PRO (Bio-Logic Navigation Pro Diagnostics Evoked Potential System 2nd Generation Silver Box) for a free ASSR software module with purchase of the Interacoustics Eclipse EP25!

What is so special about the Eclipse EP25?

The Eclipse EP25 is a modern, versatile system designed to seamlessly fit into your workflow. It provides fast, accurate AEP, OAE, VEMP, ECochG, and ABR/ASSR results, all on one dedicated platform. Essentially, it makes the complicated easy, allowing you to focus on the job at hand.

The pre-loaded test protocols are designed for US Audiologists and suitable for most test applications, reducing the need for customization. However, making modifications is quick and easy to do as needed. The EP25 features clear layouts and editing tools that allow you to quickly analyze results and focus on the outcomes of the test. Data is then saved to the OtoAccess™ database for quick retrieval, review, and export to your EMR.

The EP25 is future-safe.

What sets the Eclipse EP25 apart from other audiology equipment is that it’s a completely software-based platform. This means that different software modules can be loaded onto the device as needed. As time goes on, new modules while be developed and existing ones will be updated to keep up with the latest advancements in audiometric testing.

Consider the features for your future.

In addition to being future-safe, the Eclipse EP25 platform and pre-amplifier provides unrivaled noise suppression and patient isolation. There’s a bevy of protocols and modules available for any clinical testing need, including ABR, VEMP, MLR, LLR, P300, MMN, ECochG, ASSR, DPOAE, and TEOAE.

Waveform quality is ensured with features like Fmp/Residual Noise calculation, Waveform Reproducibility & Bayesian Weighting. You will also benefit from the only Level Specific CE-Chirp® stimulus, which is considered to be the gold standard for threshold assessment.

In essence, the Interacoustics Eclipse EP25 is the total package. Just take it from a happy user.

“The Eclipse has the largest number of clinically-relevant features of any AEP device today,” said Todd B. Sauter, MA, of Audiology Associates in Worcester, Massachusetts. “The platform is an excellent blend of parameter flexibility and user-friendliness.”

So, if you have been using a Navigator PRO in your practice, this is the time to “Trade it and Upgrade it”. Speak to your local e3 representative today to take advantage of this offer!