Top Ten Advantages of Interacoustics Eclipse EP 25


Natus/Otometrics will be discontinuing production of its Bio-logic® Navigator® PRO at the end of 2018. Along with that, repair parts availability will become increasingly difficult to get. And, the Navigator PRO runs on Windows 7, not the Windows 10 platform.

What better time to consider “Trade It and Upgrade It.” than now. Through December 31, 2018, your your e3 Diagnostics local representative will accept your existing Navigator PRO (Bio-Logic Navigation Pro Diagnostics Evoked Potential System 2nd Generation Silver Box) and you’ll receive the ASSR module at no additional cost when you purchase the Eclipse EP25—a $6,145 value. That’s an incredible incentive to upgrade. Need more convincing?

Here’s a Top Ten list of advantages you’ll get when you trade it and upgrade it:

Number 10: Ease of Use

The Eclipse EP25 software modules are designed to enhance the completion and analysis of test results. The platform is an excellent blend of parameter flexibility and user-friendliness that includes Print Wizard, print to PDF, anonymous patient reporting, Fmp and residual noise simple bar view, historic session view, and more.

Number 9: Dedicated VEMP Testing with Increased Accuracy

Combining the Eclipse VEMP with the Interacoustics VNG system creates a complete clinical balance setup. EMG-based scaling of the obtained waveforms ensures a balanced comparison of the left and right responses which, as you know, is crucial for correct diagnosis.

Number 8: Fast, Accurate ASSR Cuts Your Test Time in Half

By applying narrowband CE-Chirp® stimuli and new, powerful automated response detection methods, the Eclipse 25 can reduce your test times by 50 percent. Test results are presented as an “Estimated Audiogram”, which can be transferred to a NOAH or OtoAccess™ database for direct use in hearing aid fitting. 

Number 7: Waveform Reproducibility Guide

Audiologists will appreciate the combined effects of the strong amplitudes that are evoked by the CE-Chirp stimuli, the low noise through the new preamp, and the Bayesian-weighted averaging technique. The result? Vastly improved ABR and ASSR test times and more effective sessions.

Number 6: Fmp and Residual Noise Monitor Quantifies Quality

Rather than having to rely on a fixed number of sweeps to decide when to stop averaging in ABR, the EP25’s residual noise target for the waveform is used as a more relevant stop criterion. This ensures that recordings close to threshold are valid for both responses above threshold and the absence of any response just below threshold.

Number 5: Noise-Reducing Bayesian Weighting Algorithm

By including Bayesian Weighting in your ABR averaging, waveforms will stabilize faster and the residual noise in your recordings will be significantly reduced. Additionally, as a potential time-saving benefit, the running average continuously adapts to your patient’s noise level during the recording making it less important that the patient always must remain quiet.

Number 4: CE-Chirp Stimuli Provides Larger Response Amplitudes for Shorter Test Times  

The CE-Chirp stimulus family implemented in the Eclipse 25 gives you superior alternatives to the traditional Clicks and Tone Bursts (TB) for threshold testing. These well-documented stimuli provide superior response waveforms that can be up to twice as large as responses elicited by Clicks or TB, resulting in shorter test times and improved accuracy.

Number 3: Low Noise Preamplifier Sets New Standards

The advanced technology of the EP25’s preamplifier reduces noise to an incredibly low level – about half of what has previously been possible with what up until now have been perceived as the “best preamp designs.” As you are well aware, lower noise means cleaner recordings.   

Number 2: OtoAccess™ - One Common Database

OtoAccess™, embedded in the Eclipse 25, holds all your audiometric data in one single database. Extensive networking capabilities allow you to export data to EMR systems in .pdf format.

Number 1: Superior ABR, ASSR, and OAE on One Platform

The EP25 is the perfect hardware platform for acquiring ABR, ASSR, DPOAE, and TEOAE recordings. Audiologists have the capability to perform all tests from one high-performance hardware unit that includes ECochG, VEMP, ML, LL, P300, and MNN. This single platform conveniently connects directly to a PC workstation.

Now that you are convinced the Eclipse EP25 is your must-have system, contact your local e3 Diagnostics office today and let them know you want to “Trade It and Upgrade It.”