FDA-Approved cVEMP and oVEMP Testing on One Platform


Consider how valuable an AEP system that offered the both cVEMP and oVEMP testing would be to your practice. Wouldn’t it be nice?

Good news! You can have that dual-capability by switching to the Interacoustics Eclipse EP25. Now is the ideal time to make a move, especially if you are operating with the Navigator® PRO. Natus/Otometrics has announced that it will discontinue production of the Nav PRO at the end of 2018. Also, replacement parts for it will become harder to find as the existing stock depletes.

Getting onboard with the Eclipse EP25 has never been easier than with e3 Diagnostics’ “Trade It and Upgrade It” offer. Through December 31, 2018, your local e3 Diagnostics representative will accept trade in of your Navigator PRO (Bio-Logic Navigation Pro Diagnostics Evoked Potential System 2nd Generation Silver Box). In return, you’ll receive the Interacoustics ASSR software module at no additional cost when you purchase the Eclipse EP25. Saving $6,145 on groundbreaking audiology equipment has never been easier!

Optimize Through Instant Visual Feedback

The Eclipse EP25 oVEMP and cVEMP tests measure and analyze the vestibular evoked myogenic potential generated by a loud stimulus (up to 100dB nHL with clicks, and 110dB nHL with 250Hz-4kHz tone bursts). In addition, an important development with the new B-81 Bone Transducer allows outputs up to 80dB nHL, which elicit much larger oVEMP responses.

Your goal is to obtain valid cVEMP results that are dependent on correct and controlled EMG tonus. The EP25’s VEMP software provides visual feedback of the muscle contraction to assist you in helping your patients obtain correct muscle tonus throughout the entire test. This can be accomplished from the software or through use of a separate patient monitor for cVEMP testing.

Other Advantages of the Eclipse EP25

When you take advantage of the “Trade It and Upgrade It” offer from your local e3 Diagnostics office, you are upgrading to a system that applies EMG-based scaling of the obtained waveforms to guarantee an accurately balanced presentation of left and right responses. 

For advanced users there is even an optional EP25 ProPack that includes speech stimuli, importing of customized waveforms, and exporting/data logging for future replay and analysis.

In conclusion, the Interacoustics Eclipse EP25 is a significant upgrade from the Navigator PRO instrument. Take advantage of our “Trade It and Upgrade It” offer by December 31, 2018. We guarantee you’ll see the difference immediately.