Preparing to Retire Your Audiology Equipment


Audiology diagnostic and screening devices, like all types of equipment, have a finite lifespan. Eventually, they need to be replaced.

Manufacturers like Grason-Stadler (GSI), Interacoustics, Audioscan, and MAICO pride themselves on the longevity of their equipment. However, all instruments become obsolete eventually. Devices reach an "End of Life" stage for various reasons. These reasons include:

  • Lack of support from outside suppliers.
  • Unavailability of parts or service expertise.
  • Machine wear-out and reduced reliability.
  • Obsolescence of the technology and level of functionality offered by the product.

It is important to have a plan when this happens. This plan should ensure that patients continue to receive the care they need. Additionally, the plan should minimize clinic downtime and unplanned expenses.

First, you need to assess, measure and observe the needs of your patients. What types of testing do they need?

What types of diagnostic and hearing screening testing do you conduct most regularly? What features are important to our practice and what might help us gain more patients or improve the care we provide? Once you have a good understanding of the majority of your needs, then start researching new equipment that meets those requirements.

It is also important to factor in cost. Generally, the more functionality you require of a device, the more costly it will become.

Plan ahead for your practice's budgeting season. This will ensure you have enough money to purchase a replacement when necessary. Don't forget!

Financing new equipment may be another option to consider. Some practices also take advantage of their hearing aid manufacturer's co-op or loan programs. If you are loyal to a certain brand of hearing aids, there is likely a program to assist with larger purchases like audiology equipment. Learn more about Oticon’s program HERE.

Finally, you need to make sure that you have a training plan in place for the transition to new equipment. Many manufacturers provide ongoing technical training and support.

This helps you become proficient in using all the features and benefits of a new device. Many of these offer CEU credits as well. CLICK HERE to locate several in-person and virtual training events presented by leading hearing and balance equipment manufacturers.

In recent years, a number of audiology diagnostic equipment models have been discontinued. It can be tempting to stay with the familiar.

However, keep in mind that using outdated equipment can lead to avoidable problems in the future. When old devices fail, finding replacement parts can be troublesome, causing downtime, missed appointments, and inconvenienced patients. Modern equipment increases efficiency. This can help improve patient throughput and boost the profitability of Audiology, ENT, or Hearing Instrument practices.

Examples of retired audiology diagnostic equipment models include:

  • Audioscan Verifit 1
  • Benson NEXT
  • Bio-logic ABaer, AuDX, Scout Sport
  • GSI60, GSI61, GSI70
  • GSI Tympstar
  • GSI AUDIOScreener+ ABR & OAE
  • GSI Audera
  • Interacoustics AD229
  • Interacoustics AC40
  • MAICO MA40
  • MAICO easyTymp Pro
  • Otometrics AS4000
  • Vivosonic V500
  • Welch Allyn MicroTymp
  • Welch Allyn SP 2
  • Welch Allyn Spot Vital Signs LXi
  • Welch Allyn 29400 Series OAE


It is important to plan for the replacement of your audiology diagnostic equipment, especially if it has been discontinued. However, researching replacement equipment does not need to consume all of your time.

e3 Diagnostics is a leading provider of audiology diagnostic equipment and services. We can help you plan for the retirement of your current equipment and find a replacement model that meets your needs.

Our local experts are here to help. They offer in-person product demos, training, and ongoing technical support. Only the best service and expertise in an equipment sales and service partner will give you piece of mind in your decision and ensure you and your staff get the most out of your new equipment for years to come.

Many of our locally based team of e3 Diagnostics sales consultants are doctors of audiology, so we understand your perspective. We’ll assist you and your staff throughout your decision-making process and provide objective advice without favoring any brand or device.

Find your local e3 Diagnostics representative.

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