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Oticon BES+

Ensure the Best Hearing Care Assessments for Your Patients

Diagnosis is the first step to better hearing. Oticon supports hearing care practices with programs designed to offset diagnostic equipment and instrument calibration expenses.

You can access a broad portfolio of essential equipment, supplies and service from e3 Diagnostics. By requesting to join the new Oticon Business Enhancement Support PLUS (BES+) Rewards Program you may be eligible to earn points from your qualifying hearing aid purchases to redeem towards equipment, service, and supplies.

Not enrolled? Request to join today.*


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Redeem BES+ Rewards Points or legacy Business Enhancement Support (BES) funds by following these simple steps to acquire your equipment:

  1. Request a Quote from e3 Diagnostics for the items you want. (see Request a Quote link below)
    Once you have finalized your decision to purchase, contact e3 Diagnostics to order the item and let them know you are an Oticon customer using either BES+ Rewards Points or BES funds to redeem towards the invoice.
  2. Send an email to besplus@oticon.com with your Oticon account number, the number of BES+ Rewards points or BES funds you wish to redeem along with the invoice for the item you want.

    Mark “DIRECT PAY” on the e3 Diagnostics invoice should you wish to redeem your points (or legacy BES funds) for direct payment to e3 Diagnostics to lessen the money out of pocket from your practice for the item.


Other financial programs may be available for your participation, contact your Oticon Representative at 800.526.3921 for details.

*Subject to eligibility for participation.

Oticon customers be sure to log on to your MyOticon Account to see Special Offers and Coupons available to you.

For complete program terms and conditions visit oticon.com/bss-terms.

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NEW: Consider the latest Audible Contrast Threshold (ACT™) testing technology to improve fittings and address the #1 concern patients have about hearing in noise. The test is easy to perform, language-independent, and takes just 2 minutes to complete. It’s the new standard of care.

ACT is available on these devices from e3 Diagnostics:

  • Affinity Compact with ACT

    Interacoustics Affinity Compact

  • gsi-audiostarpro2

    GSI Audiostar Pro

  • medrx-avant-arc


  • medrx-avant-a2d-audiometer-2015

    MedRx A2D+

  • MedRx AWRC

    MedRx AWRC

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