3 Great Tips to Make Diagnostic Equipment More Affordable


As the cost of just about everything in the world has skyrocketed over the last year, it’s more important than ever to pay closer attention to the costs you can control and do whatever you can to avoid unnecessary spending.

What can you do to help avoid spending more than you have to on diagnostic equipment and related service like calibration and repair? Here are some great suggestions:

  1. Combine Calibrations
    While chances are high that one of our 34 e3 Diagnostics office locations is close to your practice, high gas prices have made even local travel more expensive. Part of the cost of calibration and repair is a travel fee, which we’ve unfortunately had to increase recently. You may have several devices in your practice that are on different annual calibration schedules depending on when you purchased them. Check calibration dates of all your devices and talk to your local e3 Diagnostics office about rolling them up into the same calibration schedule to avoid more than one travel fee. Also, the more devices we can calibrate at once, the less expensive each of them may be. Some of our customers like school districts and retail hearing aid dispensers with dozens of locations will bring all of their devices to a single location. One of our service technicians can calibrate many devices in a single trip, saving a significant amount of time and money for everyone. So if you have several office locations, try coordinating with each of them and get all of them to a single location.
  2. Regular Maintenance and Self-Service
    Regular annual calibration and maintenance is always best practice to prevent unexpected downtime and inaccurate results, but it’s equally important from a cost standpoint. In additional, you can do several things on your own to help avoid additional service calls. Here are 3 easy tips from two of our master service technicians that you might find helpful: CLICK HERE
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  3. Hearing Aid Manufacturer Programs
    You already know that most hearing aid manufacturers support hearing care practices with co-op and loan programs that can help offset the cost of running a practice. However, you might not think of utilizing those programs to save on the expense of new equipment and/or annual calibration services. These programs usually allow you to use a portion of each hearing instrument purchase to pay down the cost of your equipment, minimizing your financial risk and eliminating a large sum expense.


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