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To help you perform accurate hearing tests on child patients, e3 Diagnostics offers multiple visual reinforcement audiometry (VRA) and conditioned orientation response (COR) systems.

When kids are too young to participate in conventional hearing tests, a VRA audiology system can help. Using LED lights, motion, and sounds, a VRA hearing test draws the child's attention, helping you get a better picture of their ability to hear. Using a COR system or VRA system, audiologists get the child's attention using toys, animated images, light sequences, or noises.



Test – Store – Reward – Review – Interact. MedRx has integrated National Acoustic Laboratories technology and is now offering Visual Reinforced Audiometry as an add-on to the new MedRx Studio Software. The VRA system takes a new approach to VRA testing. This system uses an iOS device to act as an audiometer and VRA controller. A clinician is able to adjust level, frequency, presentation ear, presentation and visual rewarding from the MedRx iVRA iOS app. Take advantage of the three test modes: conditioning, manual and automatic testing. Change the way you VRA with the all new MedRx iVRA. A2D+ Audiometer, Stealth Audiometer and ARC compatible.



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  • iPod Audiometer Control
  • iPod Video Reward Control
  • Testing with One Clinician
  • 29 Animated Videos
  • Any Size Monitor
  • Wireless Monitor Communication (Optional)
  • Automatic, Manual & Conditioning Modes