Flex VRA

Flex VRA

Mix, match, or simultaneously activate toy and video VRA from a single remote control, PC, or Grason-Stadler (GSI) Audiostar Pro. Every feature in the Flex Visual Reinforcement Audiometry (VRA) system was requested by an audiologist and subsequently loved by others.

These features include:

  • Type of video displayed (Toys, Cartoons, Live Animals, or your own custom content).
  • Integration of traditional Flex Toy VRA that can remote toggled on/off with Flex Video VRA or activated simultaneously with Flex Video VRA.
  • PC integration for VRA control while performing computerized audiometry (Flex PC).
  • Grason-Stadler (GSI) Audiostar Pro Integration.
  • Volume control from the remote control.
  • "Distract Mode" to provide visual focal point while performing tympanometry, otoscopy, or OAE testing.
  • Custom background skins for booth aesthetics and reduction in reflection.
  • Able to add on Flex VROCA wireless and battery-free button (available only on Flex Video VRA).
  • Automatic daily boot-up and shut down.
  • Remote support from our office in Austin, TX available on all VRA monitors from Flex VRA for any customizations or alterations requested


Visit flexvra.com to explore all that Flex can do, read reviews from other audiologists, and see why Flex VRA is one of the most sought-after tools in audiology.



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  • Stimulus Options: Audiologists can choose from cartoon, animal and toy (with or without animated lights) as well as your own user-uploaded VRA content.
  • ALL and DISTRACT Mode: Hold down the "ALL" button to activate all monitors simultaneously to localize your patient. Press the distract button to activate the video and keep it on for holding the attention of your patient during tympanometry and OAE testing.
  • Volume and Video Control: From the remote, you can customize the volume level for your patient (louder for those with a known hearing loss) or mute as needed. You can also skip or repeat videos as well.