e3 Diagnostics

To help you perform accurate hearing tests on child patients, e3 Diagnostics offers multiple visual reinforcement audiometry (VRA) and conditioned orientation response (COR) systems.

When kids are too young to participate in conventional hearing tests, a VRA audiology system can help. Using LED lights, motion, and sounds, a VRA hearing test draws the child's attention, helping you get a better picture of their ability to hear. Using a COR system or VRA system, audiologists get the child's attention using toys, animated images, light sequences, or noises.


Cybersmith VRA

Cybersmith VRA (Visual Reinforcement Audiometry) has manufactured affordable and reliable VRA solutions (made in the USA) for pediatric audiologists for over 30 years. Utilizing plush drummer toys and animated plush center puppy characters, Cybersmith VRA provides engaging and novel stimuli that are easily activated from a simple control box switch. From the control box, you can choose between activating with lights and animation or lights without animation, and can also employ the “VOTE” function for activation from a patient button.

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