Interacoustics VN415

A compact, portable VNG system solely for assessment of the peripheral vestibular system, the VN415 from Interacoustics includes spontaneous nystagmus, bithermal caloric, and positional and Dix Hallpike test protocols in a monocular camera configuration.

As a user, you can design custom protocols and remotely control tests with a USB-connected footswitch. All results include videos from each test.


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The sleek FireWire® design delivers high speed and accurate data which is analyzed in real time and graphically displayed instantly to allow quick interpretations of abnormalities. 

VN415 is the basic VNG platform with standard protocols for Spontaneous Nystagmus, Bithermal Caloric, Positional and Dix-Hallpike testing and is delivered in a monocular camera configuration.

Fast eye-tracking & real time analysis. Automated 10 second calibration. Portable - Connect and Go.