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Interacoustics TRV Chair

Safe & Secure

Safe for all, including those with neck or back issues, heavier patients, or frail individuals. Secure patients with a four-point harness, headrest, and foot support for 360-degree rotation.

Advanced BPPV Treatment & Diagnosis

The TRV chair's 360-degree rotation enables the diagnosis and treatment of BPPV in any of the six semicircular canals. New Dynamic maneuvers and standard BPPV techniques like Epley or Semont address all BPPV types.

User-Friendly Design

The TRV Chair aids professionals in avoiding shoulder, neck, or back pain during patient maneuvering, making the testing process safer and more comfortable.

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In the US, dizziness accounts for 6 million clinic visits annually. Nearly 50% of these patients are diagnosed with BPPV vertigo.

Diagnosing heavy, disabled, elderly, or patients with neck issues is challenging using manual tests like the Dix-Hallpike maneuver. 10-20% of BPPV cases face limitations when treated with conventional BPPV maneuvers.

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Hear from Dr. Alaina Bassett, AuD., PhD., about her experience with the TRV chair.