Titan IMP

Interacoustics Titan / IMP440

Portable, lightweight, and compact, the Interacoustics Titan tympanometer lets you perform standard tympanometry, acoustic reflex, and reflex decay and latency tests on the go.

With optional high-frequency probe tones (678, 800 and 1000 Hz), this portable tympanometer is designed to perform the most demanding diagnostic tests.

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IMP440 delivers tympanometry through advanced technologies. These include: “Endless airflow” pressure control technology, high resolution recordings and an intelligent pump system with an adaptive speed control around the tympanic peak. The IMP44o module will help streamline and improve your daily workflow – in record speed.

Electrically evoked stapedius reflex thresholds (eSRT) for objective measurement of the upper stimulus levels during the programming of a cochlear implant.

  • Three Eustachian tube function tests
  • Ipsi and contra acoustic reflexes
  • Reflex decay
  • Reflex latency
  • Optional high frequency probe tones (678, 800 and 1000Hz)
  • Shoulder unit and probe indicator LED


Customize your Titan through dedicated software modules to create a winning combination for screening, diagnostic and advanced clinical testing.

  • Superior, professional aesthetics
  • High resolution color display
  • Testing through multiple probe and transducer configurations
  • Handheld and PC mode for full flexibility (Hybrid) 1
  • Supreme usability through storage of calibration values in probe and ID-transducers