Eckel Multi Station

Eckel Audiology Suites & Multi-Stations

Eckel S Series Suites combine a control room plus exam room and are available in either Single Wall or Double Wall versions with 4" thick wall panels to ensure ultimate noise isolation. These sound booths come equipped with internal electrical wiring, an efficient and silent ventilation system, a double-glazed safety glass window, a flush sill door with a magnetic gasket seal, lighting, jack panels, and carpeting.

Cam-Lock connections allow suites to be relocated easily. H Batten suites with optional RF Shielding are also available. Flush sill acoustic doors feature a continuous magnetic seal to maintain acoustical integrity. Custom audiology rooms can be tailored to specific space requirements, and generally include “Room within a Room” designs, which provide optimal acoustic isolation.

M Series Multi-Station Suites are ideal for group testing environments. The series features high-performance acoustic doors, fully-isolated floors, custom interior wall coverings, carpeting and low noise ventilation and air-conditioning systems. Options include multi-glazed observation windows and Low Profile doorways. Designed for multi-person testing, the Eckel M Series is applicable for baseline group testing and found in military and recruitment offices, fire stations and various industries.

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