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When background noise needs to be eliminated in order to get accurate results, an audiometric sound booth is your best option. e3 offers audiometric sound booths built with unrivaled quality from the world’s leading manufacturers. Browse our selection today!


Eckel AB Series Audiometric Screening Booths

Engineered to provide outstanding acoustic performance, Eckel AB Series Audiometric Screening Booths are delivered fully assembled and ready to use.

Available in multiple standard configurations with space-efficient design, they ensure reliable acoustic performance, dependable noise reduction, and long0term acoustic integrity.


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Unique, Proven Design

Unitized all-welded construction ensures reliable acoustic performance and dependable noise reduction.


Comfortable and efficient, the Eckel AB Series Audiometric Booth offers ample interior space, yet is compact enough to readily pass through a standard door opening.

Easy, Comfortable Access

Our large side entry door allows ease of access to persons of all ages. The Eckel Audiometric Booths's roomy interior is spacious enough to accommodate a mother and child or those who would have difficulty entering and sitting in most mini booths.

Outstanding Performance

The Eckel Audiometric Booth has been specially engineered with features that maximize performance; double acoustic window, continuous magnetic seal on the access door, and silenced ventilation. Exclusive Eckel vibration damping design wall construction ensures acoustic integrity.