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Otoscopes are medical instruments that feature a light and magnifying lens, which allow you to examine the interior and exterior of the ear. Medical-grade otoscopes are equipped with LED, fiber optic or halogen lights and are either battery-powered or connected to a fixed power source. Battery-powered otoscopes are highly portable, while wall-mounted versions have long, flexible cords. Either type of otoscope is a must-have tool for hearing care professionals.

Looking for a video or digital otoscope? We have you covered. Need a portable otoscope? You're sure to find the right device in our selection. Our diagnostic otoscopes provide unobstructed views of the tympanic membrane, along with user-friendly functionality and remarkably clear resolution.


With a halogen HPX lamp that provides true tissue color illumination, the WelchAllyn 3.5 V Diagnostic Otoscope projects cool light to the distal tip with no reflections or obstructions of the tympanic membrane.

The wide-angle viewing lens and sealed system of this WelchAllyn otoscope make it a preferred choice of professionals around the globe.


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  • Halogen HPX™ lamp offers true tissue color and long-lasting performance
  • Wide-angle viewing lens allows for instrumentation under magnification
  • Sealed system for pneumatic otoscopy and accurate diagnosis of otitis media
  • LED lamp options available
  • Fiber-optic light has no reflections or obstructions of tympanic membrane views