GSI video otoscope

GSI Video Otoscope

The GSI Otoscope™ is a compact, portable USB-powered magnification tool designed specifically for otoscopy—examining the external ear canal and tympanic membrane. This examination is essential for identifying, evaluating, documenting, and diagnosing various ear conditions.

With the touch of a button, the GSI Otoscope captures high-resolution images that can be stored in GSI Suite™. This real-time analysis streamlines workflow, and images are immediately available for patient counseling, enhancing communication and care.

With the integration of GSI Video Otoscope and GSI Suite, clinicians can capture crucial information during otoscopy and incorporate findings and diagnoses into patient records. This integration ensures an efficient and precise patient experience.

GSI Suite software caters to the modern clinic's requirements, simplifying reporting and patient education. For more details on this comprehensive reporting solution, visit the GSI Suite page.

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