Otodynamics Otoport DP Clinical

Designed for the clinic and screening applications, the Otoport DP Clinical handheld OAE instrument can meet your needs. It’s easy to switch between analytical clinical modes and screening modes. Providing 6 DPOAE protocols. Configurable noise management and rejection, Individual band pass indications and Selectable automated DP frequency sweep management. Optional TEOAE clinical modes available.

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Specifications DPOAE

  • TEST CONFIGURABILITY: 6 Protocols, 11 Parameters
  • FREQ. RANGE (kHz): 1 to 8 kHz, 12 Frequencies
  • FREQ. RESOLUTION: Up to 4 pts/octave
  • STIMULUS LEVELS: 60/50 to 70/70 (6 Presets) (dBSPL)
  • PASS CRITERIA: 3 Parameters
  • PASS SNR: 1 to 10dB per band (Δ1dB)
  • CPT CODES: 92588, 92587, 92558

Specifications TEOAE (OPTIONAL)

  • TEST CONFIGURABILITY: 2 Protocols, 10 Parameters
  • FREQ. RANGE (kHz): 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4kHz
  • FREQ. RESOLUTION: 1/2 Octave bandwidth
  • STIMULUS LEVELS: 60 to 84 (Δ1db) (dBSPLpe)
  • PASS CRITERIA: 2, 3, or 4 1/2 octave, wide or narrow bands to pass
  • PASS SNR: 6dB (Fixed)
  • CPT CODES: 92587, 92558