Interacoustics Titan - TEOAE440

Offering complete and reliable TEOAE screening in a small, handheld device, the Interacoustics Titan with the TEOAE440 module includes 226 Hz tympanometry for quick middle-ear examination.

Coupled with the TEOAE440 module, the Interacoustics Titan ensures precise stimulus intensity using real-ear detection methods, and can be configured to reject measurements in noisy environments.

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  • DP range 500Hz-10kHz
  • TE range 500Hz-5.5kHz (30-90 dB SPL)
  • Fully customizable protocols
  • Basic & Advanced view
  • Manually controlled test time
  • Unlimited test points
  • Advanced AGC
  • Bayesian weighted averaging
  • Noah & Hitrack compatibility
  • DP Input/Output test
  • 226Hz tympanometry
  • Operate from Titan or PC
  • Pressurized OAE


The DPOAE and TEOAE modules provide unsurpassed flexibility and a comprehensive frequency range for a full diagnostic evaluation. Customizable protocols offer an unlimited number of tests utilizing a multitude of parameters including stimuli, intensity, stop criteria and much more.

Both modules are capable of performing pressurized OAE measurements, which is especially useful when testing infants & younger children with middle ear conditions. The technique reduces the effects of negative middle ear pressure and more children can potentially be diagnosed earlier.