Acoustic Systems Modular Screening Booth

The Modular Screening Booth from Acoustic Systems is an ideal choice for screening environments where a fixed booth is possible.

Models features 4”-thick wall panels to provide unrivaled sound isolation, recessed electrical services via a 12-foot grounded power cord, jack panel with cable pass through, roof-integrated ventilation, and lighting.

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  • Recessed electrical service via a 12 foot grounded power cord
  • Jack panel with cable pass-thru
  • Acoustically engineered, roof-integrated ventilation
  • Sealed 32” clear opening acoustic door with camlift hinges
  • Window, double glazed, laminated, safety glass 24” wide by 30” high on RE-140, 30” wide by 24” high on RE-141


Acoustic Systems’ single wall screening booths are ideal for screening environments where a fixed booth is possible, the ambient conditions dictate increased attenuation, or clinical testing may be required. The RE-140 and RE-141 booths are constructed with our standard, Type 2, four-inch thick wall panels and provide impressive isolation, as well as several other features which are considered optional by other manufacturers.