Otodynamics Otoport Screener

Ideal for Universal Newborn Hearing Screening programs, the Otoport Screener from Otodynamics is an easy-to-use handheld OAE hearing screener.

It offers you a test range of 1-4 kHz, customizable protocols, and a vast amount of storage space. Results are displayed in a PASS/REFER format on an intuitive graphic display, and can be transferred to a PC via USB connection.

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  • TEOAE test mode: Quickscreen nonlinear wideband click stimulus at 80/sec 60-90dBSPL p.e. 40-74dBSPL artefact rejection. Selectable lower frequency filtering. Response window 3-13ms pst. Nonlinear component real time FFT 1-4 kHz half octave cross power analysis with differential noise estimation. Automatic probe fit detection and calibration with manual option. Automatic pass refer assessment against configurable criteria incl. 6dB signal to noise ratio in 2, 3 or 4 bands (Echoport compatible) or on whole response.
  • Dimensions: 195mm x 70mm (max) x 30mm.
  • Weight: 250g.
  • Interfaces: Data - USB 1.1/2.0. Probe connector (8-pin). Charging/data connector - connects to Otodynamics PSU or PC USB port. Wireless print (option).
  • Keyboard: 19 key alphanumeric with cursor control and soft keys.
  • Power: Intelligent multi-level power control for charging/testing/idle/sleep/shutdown. Sleep time - 24 hours min. Running time - 8 hours min. Max consumption when testing - 720mW. Max consumption when charging - 2.5W. Source - 1000mAh lithium polymer internal rechargeable cells. Charge time - 3 hrs to 90% capacity, approx 4 hrs to 100%.
  • Hardware options: Wireless printing. RFID or Barcode scanning.
  • Hardware processing and storage: Multiple distributed processors plus dedicated hardware DSP engine. Total processor performance - 420 MIPS. Test memory - 8MB non-volatile database for patientdetails and test results. Program/config memory - 1.3MB.
  • Analogue performance: Output channels - 2 x 16bit resolution. Input channels - 1 x 16bit resolution. Sample rate - variable. Frequency response - electrical - 160Hz to 12KHz.
  • Environmental: Transport and storage - temperature range - 0-40 deg C. Pressure - 23KPa to 101KPa. Humidity - 10% to 90% non-condensing. Operating - Indoor use. Temperature range - 5-40 deg C. Humidity - max 80% up to 31 deg C decreasing linearly to 5% RH at 40 deg C.

Specifications general

  • Fast TE newborn and infant screener
  • Integrates with UNHS programs
  • Fully customisable protocols
  • Detailed waveform analysis
  • 3000 test searchable database
  • Extensive PC software
  • Options: wireless printer, ID scanner