Interacoustics TBS25 Test Chamber

The Interacoustics TBS25 is a dedicated test chamber with exceptional performance and signal reproduction.

With built-in features like telecoils, directional microphones, battery current, and electricals signals, it allows you to test hearing aids of all types quickly and easily.

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  • NOAH link compatibility
  • Dynamic range 35dB -110dB


Very high noise rejection

Low frequency noise is prevalent and a problem in many buildings. It originates from sources such as distant traffic, doors, air-conditioning and machines. It travels relatively unrestricted through walls and floors and can be a significant problem when testing hearing aids. Low frequency noise rejection has traditionally been achieved with large sand filled test chambers. However, new materials and construction techniques have enabled the TBS25 to outperform these larger chambers by between 25dB and 40dB at low frequencies. High frequency noise rejection remains equal to that of the best traditional test chambers.