Take the MA 28 anywhere with confidence and style. Designed to be portable, the lightweight case with built-in handle and storage compartment protects the MA 28 and its accessories while on the go.

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Air Conduction (dBHL): -10 dBHL to 110 dBHL
Bone Conduction (dBHL): -10 dBHL to 80 dBHL
Level Steps (dB): 
5 or 1 dB
Masking Noise: 
Narrow band and white noise
Special Tests: 
Automated Hughson-Westlake test


  • Compact and portable with built-in handle
  • Integrated compartment for storing accessories
  • Large LED color display for easy operation
  • Customizable air & bone conduction test setup
  • Pure tone and warble stimulus types (pulsed and continuous)
  • Narrow band and white noise masking types
  • Automated Hughson-Westlake included
  • Audiometry Module for easy data management connectable with MAICO patient database or NOAH


Standard Components

• Headset DD45
• Bone conductor B71
• Patient response switch
• Power supply
• USB cable
• Audiogram pad
• Operations manual
• Quick guide
• Patient management software

Optional Transducers

• Headset DD450