Interacoustics RAS Tabletop

Remote Diagnostics & Fitting

Remote Audiology Systems (RAS) mobile systems provide the necessary components to remote-connect with patients. Our mobile systems are customizable and include video-conferencing tools and your choice of diagnostic hardware and software options:

  • Callisto™ (AUD/REM/VSP)
  • Equinox (AUD/REM or AUD)
  • Eclipse OAE (DPOAE or TEOAE), ABR (EP25/ASSR), or Balance (cVEMP/oVEMP)
  • Titan with tympanometry software


These systems can be set up in a sound booth, quiet room or on a cart. The configurations are low cost, high return-on-investment solutions that improve access to care and retain patients. A clinic owner can extend satellite days by handling annual re-checks and hearing instrument adjustments remotely from anywhere, and on any day, while reserving in-person satellite clinic days for high-value visits.


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