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Interacoustics Equinox 2.0 / AC440

NOAH-compatible and featuring a customizable printout wizard to produce professional reports, the Interacoustics Equinox 2.0 is a full two-channel diagnostic audiometer.

Leveraging the AC440 audiometry software module, it can directly integrate into various databases and electronic medical record systems.


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Pure tone audiometry

Air conduction (HL, MCL and UCL)

Bone conduction

PTA and/or CPT calculation

Display of masking information

Dedicated tinnitus symbols

Multiple counseling overlays

Compare multiple audiograms

Speech audiometry

Live Voice, CD/MP3 or Wavefiles

SRT, Word Recognition, MCL, UCL

Binaural speech for CAPD applications

Tone audiogram display in speech screen

Table or graph speech representation

QuickSINTM test option