Interacoustics AS608 / AS608e

The AS608/AS608e is an inexpensive and durable portable audiometer used to perform routine air conduction threshold tests or simple screening exams.

With minimal training required, the AS608/AS608e is ideal for schools, industrial businesses, and primary medical practices; or wherever quick hearing screening evaluations are performed.


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Screening Audiometer

The portable AS608 is ideal for use in schools, industrial settings, primary medical practices, and other areas where quick hearing screening is required. It is easy to use and offers calibrated pure tone and warble tone stimuli. AS608e (extended license) includes the automated Hughson-Westlake pure tone threshold test and PC-integration via USB using the Diagnostic Suite software, which allows for transfer of audiometric data to the PC.

11 frequencies from 125Hz to 8kHz

Customize frequency test selections

Output levels from -10dB to 100dBHL

Pure tone, warble tone and pulsed tone

Silent stimulus switch

Included with AS608e

Patient response switch

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Hughson Westlake automatic pure tone test procedure