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Interacoustics AD226

Air and bone audiometry made easy

AD226 is made to perform routine air and bone conduction threshold audiometry. For advanced audiometry, you can add several hearing tests to the test battery with the extended license.

  • Storage space for 500 patients.
  • Portable: option to run on AA batteries.
  • Lightweight with optional carrying bag.



AD226 Supplies

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AD226 Basic

  • Air and bone conduction.
  • Masking.
  • Stenger test.
  • Modified Hughson-Westlake.
  • Alternate binaural loudness balance (ABLB) test.

AD226e Extended

  • Basic AD226 test battery.
  • Békésy test.
  • Langenbeck (tone-in-noise).
  • Short increment sensitivity index (SISI).