Amplivox BEEP audiometer and lead generation

Amplivox BEEP

Amplivox BEEP is an innovative lead generation and automated screening audiometry solution, designed to enable providers to grow their business.

The solution provides efficient front of house and community location screening convenient to your customers, enabling audiologists, hearing aid retailers and other healthcare service providers to identify and prioritise potential clients.

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An Introduction to the Amplivox BEEP

Designed to be used guided or unattended for front of house and community locations, Amplivox BEEP is the perfect tool for automated client acquisition, outreach, and next-step rehabilitation. With a complete and flexible configuration, all settings and qualification criteria can be adjusted for market specific targeting.

A simple, tablet-based hearing test easily tailored to create the user experience, workflow and test settings that fits your business requirements.

  • Customizable workflows
  • Complete test setting configurations
  • Acceptable noise level and pass/refer criteria
  • Patient messaging
  • Results processing

Brand identity is more than a name or a logo. It is a promise of excellence to customers that distinguishes itself from the competition, builds trust and is completely unique. Customize the user interface to create a professional, trustworthy, and bespoke brand experience. Providers can add:

  • Custom call-to-action messages
  • Brand colors
  • Company logo
  • Customizable buttons and backgrounds
  • Email templates
  • Images