Otodynamics Otoport OAE+ABR

Offering unprecedented flexibility, the Otodynamics Otoport OAE+ABR brings DPOAE, TEOAE, and ABR screening in one handheld device. Results are clearly visible on a large, high-resolution color display, and are simply presented as a PASS or REFER.

With essential OAE applications like configurable stimuli and macros to link multiple test types, the Otoport OAE+ABR is ideal for all diagnostic screening options.

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Specifications ABR

  • Short Chirp or Click stimulation via OAE probe at 55/s (approx.)
  • Stimulus levels 30 to 45dBnHL screening (max 60dBnHL)
  • In-the-ear stimulus calibration
  • Pre-test physiological and powerline noise analysis
  • Helpful on-screen guidance based on test conditions
  • Individual three electrode impedance analysis
  • Weighted averaging for noise management
  • Intelligent powerline interference rejection
  • Automatic ABR identification using Fsp statistics
  • ABR confirmation with configurable template
  • ABR waveform capture and display
  • Full test history archiving for audit

Specifications OAE

  • Fast automated OAE screening
  • Automatic probe fit and noise analysis
  • Configurable pass criteria
  • 2, 3, 4 or 5 frequency DPOAE pass
  • 2, 3 or 4 half-octave band TEOAE pass
  • Signal and noise histogram with band pass indicators
  • Configurable 12 point DP-gram 1-8kHz
  • Four test modes
  • TEOAE Quickscreen 1-4kHz
  • TEOAE waveform
  • Advance model only:
    • Spectrum analysis
    • DPOAE zoom analysis, 16pts/octave
    • DP I/O growth and macro-multi test
    • TEOAEs 1-6kHz, six half-octave bands

Specifications general

  • Light, portable with long battery life
  • Easy to use intuitive graphic display and controls
  • Customisable testing protocols
  • 1000 test database (5000 searchable on Advance model)
  • Worklist facility
  • Otolink PC software response and waveform viewer
  • Data backup to PC
  • Facility for user login with password protection
  • 2 level access permissions
  • Charge indicator and condition gauge
  • Recharge via charger or PC
  • Stimulus and noise indicator lights
  • Hot keys, cursor keys and full alphanumeric keyboard
  • Configurable LCD backlight, contrast and sound
  • Simple or detailed print options