On March 7, 2001 Midlantic Technologies Group was formed when Sherman Lord, Au.D. signed an agreement to partner with Northeastern Technologies Group. Instead of taking on the Northeastern Technologies Group name, he decided to create his own brand that represented the Mid-Atlantic region he covered. While the companies didn’t share the same name, they co-branded marketing materials and made important business decisions as one cohesive unit.

Lord began his career as a practicing audiologist in 1977. Over the next ten years, he worked for multiple clinics, including Hersey Medical Center and private practices located in Pittsburgh and New York City. While he loved working with patients and proving hearing care services, Lord was interested in expanding his horizons. At first, he considered getting into hearing aid sales, but after speaking with the audiometric equipment distributor that worked with his practice, he decided that side of the industry was a better fit.

In August of 1987, Lord left private practice and started what would become a long career as an audiometric equipment sales professional. In the beginning, he was responsible for covering Upstate New York and directly competed against current partner company AudioMedtric Technology. After a few years, a position in the Philadelphia office opened. Originally from Philly, it was a no-brainer for him to make the move back home and cover the region.

Lord was thriving in his new territory covering Eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey, which caught the eye of a friendly competitor. Guinta and Associates was another audiometric equipment distributor that covered areas of New Jersey that Lord worked in. While they competed against one another, they maintained a friendly and professional relationship, helping each other out in times of need. Around 1996, Guinta and Associates sales rep Barbara Kurman, Au.D. spoke with Lord about the possibility of him joining their team, but he respectfully declined.

A few years later, another Guinta and Associates rep, Joe Cartuccio, reached out to Lord but with a much different offer. Cartuccio, Kurman, and another Guinta and Associates employee named Chuck Comitto decided to leave the business and start their own distributor called Northeastern Technologies Group. This time, they offered Lord something much more enticing than a job: A partnership. After several months of negotiations, he accepted the offer and on March 7, 2001, Midlantic Technologies Group was born.

Since Lord couldn’t buy into Northeastern Technologies Group, they decided to create a separate brand that reflected the area he served. He was responsible for the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States, so they came up with the name Midlantic to represent that. Although the business didn’t share a name, they co-branded all their marketing materials and made important business decisions together. If all four partners didn’t agree on an initiative, they would not move forward with it.

After about a year, Lord, Au.D. hired on a service technician so he could offer equipment calibration, repair, and maintenance services to his customers. As Midlantic Technologies Group grew and demand from the customers increased, he also had to bring on an office manager to handle administrative tasks so he could spend more time focusing on the customers’ needs.

Around 2008, Demant, a worldwide leader in hearing healthcare technology, approached Lord and his partners about purchasing Midlantic Technologies Group and Northeastern Technologies Group. Initially, the quartet declined the proposition, but didn’t close the door on the conversation. A few years later, they were offered a deal that was too good to refuse. On April 1st, 2011, they signed the deal officially making their businesses a part of e3 Diagnostics, a nationwide provider of audiometric instruments and service.

Shortly after joining e3 Diagnostics, Lord began the search for another sales representative to help e3 Midlantic Technologies Group provide more responsive service to a wider range of customers. He found the perfect fit and hired Janelle Burdette, Au.D., who now holds the title of Clinical Sales Associate. Additionally, he hired on a few additional service technicians to be able to schedule more appointments daily.

Today, e3 Midlantic Technologies Group can boast the most extensive catalogue of premier hearing and balance screening and diagnostic equipment, as well as the most responsive and professional audiometric equipment service offerings. Our business has come a long way since the beginning, and we are excited to see what the future holds. With the backing of a worldwide leader in hearing care technology and a nationwide network of audiometric equipment distributors and service providers, the sky is the limit on what we can provide for our loyal customers.

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