Why You Should Replace Eartips After Each Use


Would you be ok with putting your mouth on a spirometer sensor that has already been used? How about if your general practitioner didn’t replace the otoscope specula before sticking it in your ear? Pretty nasty, right? Well, not replacing eartips in between patients is essentially the same thing.

Look, we get it. Sometimes your budget forces you to make sacrifices. But we’re here to tell you that new eartips shouldn’t be one of those sacrifices. Here are some reasons why you need to replace eartips after each use.

Patient Comfort

There’s no question that reusing eartips is gross and unsanitary. Additionally, a reused eartip won’t provide the same comfort and support for the patient as a fresh one. A fresh eartip right from the package is not only clean, but also will provide more comfort because it hasn’t been compressed by another ear canal. Because of this, your patients will have a much more enjoyable testing experience.

Health and Safety of Patients

Eartips are meant for one-time use, so they’re not easy to clean. Because of this, reusing can lead to transmission of germs and bacteria that can cause illness. In these troubling times, the last thing you want is to increase chances of transmitting illness in your facility, so it’s best to dispose of eartips after each use.When it comes down to it, the safety and wellbeing of patients always comes first.

Time and Labor Intensive

You could try to clean eartips after each use and then reuse them, but you’ll be putting a lot of time and effort into something that will provide you with minimal benefits. The eartips won’t really get that clean and you’ll have to delegate time to cleaning that could be spent doing something more productive. At the end of the day, you’re better off buying more eartips instead of wasting your or another employee’s time cleaning used ones.


In basics, putting a used eartip in a patient’s ear is downright gross. If they were to somehow discover that you were reusing eartips that have been inside other patients’ ears, they would most likely leave your practice for another. Yes, constantly restocking your eartip supply can get expensive. But is it really worth potentially losing patients to save a few bucks? We didn’t think so.

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