Where Speed Meets Accuracy


When time is precious and accuracy is essential, the Interacoustics ASSR software module comes through in the clutch. Leveraging its patented Full Spectrum Detection engine and CE-Chirp stimuli, it can test an unprecedented eight frequencies simultaneously (4 frequencies per ear) to threshold in 20 to 30 minutes.

Your time is valuable

With the Eclipse ASSR module your test times are reduced by 50%, and it’s all thanks to its Narrow Band CE-Chirp® stimuli and automated dual response detection methods. Audiologists and other hearing care professionals should be thrilled about this groundbreaking ASSR system, as it increases efficiency, produces highly accurate results, and offers multiple data storage options. All of this works together to help you save more time and see more patients.

From the Weakness of Other ASSRs Comes the Strength of the Eclipse

A traditional stimulus delivers all frequencies simultaneously, which means the lower frequencies have further to travel down the basilar membrane. This incites hair cells to fire at slightly various times, potentially affecting the validity of results. The Eclipse ASSR module accommodates for cochlear travel times, adjusting the phase of the stimulus components to capture stronger, sharper evoked potentials that are easier to detect (especially near threshold).

The Advantage of Two Channels

If you’re using a single-channel system (e.g., Bio-logic Navigator® PRO), you are at a disadvantage because responses from both ears appear in the same channel. This worsens the signal-to-noise ratio and increases test time. The Interacoustics ASSR overcomes this limitation by using a 2-channel system in which each ear has its own dedicated detection engine.

Imagine Testing Both Ears at the Same Time

The Eclipse ASSR software module allows you to test both ears simultaneously, with up to four frequencies in each ear. Unlike other ASSR systems, the Eclipse interface makes it possible to control each of the eight stimuli independently, allowing you to change test intensity levels as needed. Having such control allows you to use valuable session time more efficiently.

Trade and Upgrade Today!

If you’re interested in this groundbreaking software, consider our “Trade It and Upgrade It” offer today! Through December 31, 2018, you can receive the ASSR module (a $6,145 value) free when you trade in your Navigator PRO (Bio-Logic Navigation Pro Diagnostics Evoked Potential System 2nd Generation Silver Box) towards the purchase of the Interacoustics Eclipse EP25.

Get in touch with your local e3 office today to take advantage of this limited-time offer. Trade in your Nav PRO, upgrade to the Eclipse EP25, get the revolutionary ASSR module for free, and increase your practice’s efficiency and profitability.